An early start to Spring

Whilst we all sit in lockdown and note a glimmer of improvement in health cases on the horizon we start to explore the garden . The signs of life are reflected with shoots pushing up through the cold and wet.

Yes the Snowdrops are sending up their flowers whilst the daffodils are sending up their first leaves. They will blossom later , normally in March. The white snowdrops are a reflection of the cold and snow but they make sure they are noticed by being proud and upstanding. Their leaves quickly follow giving the protection around the flowers.

As we head into February & March Yellow becomes prolific . At the moment we see shades of purple , Cyclamen, yellow from the Crocuses & Aconites that are also pushing through and telling us that Spring is just around the corner.

Yellow is a warming colour that uplifts you and we all need this as we near a reduced lockdown with Covid-19. As your spirits are lifted up one hopes this is absorbed into your body and gives you good health & positive vibes.

And to cap it all in the time it has taken to write this Blog we have had our first snows this year , as per usual, long after the rest of the country . And to discover that we have never really built a snow man so we rectified that.

We all look forward to sunny warmer days strolling freely

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